Masterbatch, Performance and Sustainability

By adding the pigment to the spinning solution, prior to extrusion, the pigment becomes a homogenous part of the fiber. The dirty and environmentally hazardous process of dyeing is eliminated from the production process. This production method demonstrates several functional benefits:

Pick the color out the 1950 colors in the SpinDye®-Color System. This color has its own unique recipe, the color pigment is mixed and highly condensed and becomes our Masterbatch. This is mixed and melted with recycled polyester. Homogeny colored fibers are extruded, spun to yarn and weaved or knitted to fabrics of your desire.

Excellent colorfastness that withstands sunlight, laundry detergent, abrasion, and even bleach.

  • Colored yarn opens a whole new world of opportunities in respect to patterns and color combinations when using woven or knitted techniques.

The pellets (the masterbatch) in the image above consists of highly condensed color pigment.


Our color system is highly developed and every shade of the 1,950 available nuances, has its exact place in our color space.

Recipe based colors

Every color within our color space has its own exact position in the 3D color space.