Compliance, Sustainability & Traceability

Our certification agency guarantees that all production procedures in the entire supply chain, follow the proper steps to ensure the integrity of the final product. In addition to monitoring the chemical content of the finished product, water use, Co2 and energy consumption are also accounted for.

The SpinDye®-certification is based on LCA’s methodology with the ISO Standard 14040-series. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are comparable to industrial dyeing method standards.

  • Water usage
  • CO2 footprint
  • Chemical usage + list of chemicals
  • Cumulative energy demand

This method is based on a tracking and tracing formula which uses a transaction certificate based system, similar to the organic certification system, ensuring the highest level of integrity. It is also subject to rigorous inspection and third party validation. All of our fabrics are checked by third party validated certifier: RiSE.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

To further influence and drive change in our chain of supply we are using the HIGGs Index. (also based on the LCA). Both environmental- and social impact indexes are integrated as SOP in 2017. Data collection is done by our staff, independently of supply chain design. Until now we have done feasibility studies and ensured commitment to implementation in our outsourced network of suppliers. First 3rd party verification is planned to Q2 2017.

Life Cycle Assessment Standards

We base our work on the set LCA standards. This offers a framework of key performance targets and process. After spending decent efforts in studying different approaches, our assessment is that the LCA is an underlying base in most of the existing standards available.


Due to the current lack of an LCA based, integrated and for our method applicable approach, we have been forced to developed a customized process together with independent research organization, RiSE (former Swerea). After rigorously analyzing the fabric production process, the KPIs defined are Water usage, chemical usage, CO2 , and energy consumption. The method we measure these KPIs is defined by the LCA standards. The KPIs are measured in ALL production steps, accumulating a total score. This total score is benchmarked with conventional dyeing.