At We aRe SpinDye®, we believe in abandoning the harmful practice of water dyeing fabrics and leading by example, inspiring the textile world to instead choose a more sustainable method of modern coloring.

The global textile industry is accountable for massive water pollution. Research cited by the World Bank indicates that nearly 20% of all water pollution worldwide is related to the process of dyeing textiles.

Using our coloring method, the color pigment is integrated into the yarn from the beginning. We’re leaving water and harmful chemicals out of the equation, saving the planet, one consciously colored garment at a time.

Taking on this challenge will let you take part in a paradigm shift of textile technology which will change the textile industry forever. Are you up for it?


Job description

The role as controller is divided into three overarching fields; financial controlling, production-flow controlling and impact & compliance controlling.

The role is responsible for the day-to-day accounting operations of the company, which includes financial reporting and accounting records, financial steering tools, and budgets. The role is expected to lead processes like budget compilations, transaction processes, cash management and account/receivables. The role is also expected to function as decision support for sales and other functions, including participation of potential implementation of PLM &/ERP systems and processes. Within We aRe SpinDye®, the controller is also responsible for cash and risk management.

The role is also responsible to manage production flows and production forecasting, in close collaboration with the production team. As a production control function, the role is expected to oversee and handle payments, both incoming and outgoing. The role is required to participate in the production planning processes.

As a controller in We aRe SpinDye® you are also expected to manage the impact related processes and targets. This includes tracking, reporting but also to align processes with certification parties, and varication & auditing agencies.

The Employee’s duties include development and maintenance of both internal and external contacts, participate in financial infrastructural developments both in Sweden as well as abroad. (primarily China).

The position is a manager position, in which the Employee is expected to actively participate in the development in the wider perspective. It is also expected to involve and incorporate people and perspectives from other We aRe SpinDye® functions (Sales and Production).

Education & background:
· MSc in business administration/major in Finance/accounting.
· 3+ years relevant work experience as controller/controller consultancy.
· Fashion/textile industry is preferred.
· Documented experiences with International key stakeholders, preferably in venture / SME.
· Insights and work experience from compliance/ impact/sustainability metrics.
· Experiences in setting up processes and infrastructural tools (PLMs/ ERPs etc) is meritorious.

As the controller is both a structural backbone with important reporting duties and a service function in several processes the person must show an ability to work in with diverse teams and assignments, apply structure, and have strong interpersonal skills. The desired mentality is a ‘self-starter’ ‘on point’, ‘thought through’, ‘attentive to details’ ‘eager to deliver’ with a ‘sizable integrity’.

Effective date: 2018-09-01

Position Title: Sustainable business Controller

Manager’s Title: CEO

Manager’s Name: Micke Magnusson

Location: Stockholm

Send your CV together with a short summary of why you would like to work with We aRe SpinDye® to:
Micke Magnusson, Chief Executive Officer at We aRe SpinDye®: [email protected]