The SpinDye®-coloring method focuses on working with recycled polyester. A trailblazing and sustainable technique, soon be the new industry standard.

Since the color is mixed in with the polyester at the very beginning of the process, the durability and fastness of the fabric is vastly better to that of traditional textiles.

An important fact to note is that all of the fabrics are made from one single source of yarn, which means exceptional resource efficiency and very little waste, every inch of material is used in the process.

Colored yarn opens a whole new world of opportunities in respect to patterns and color combinations when using woven or knitted techniques.

For the sport/outdoor brand or fashion house, having foresight and being proactive will help reduce the amount of failed lab-dips and rejected dye lots and it’s just good business sense. As for the rest of the world: it’s a hugely sustainable program. Peace of mind comes with the knowledge that waste, chemicals and water use are kept to an absolute minimum.

NCS Navigator

NCS Navigator takes color to a new level in design and architecture projects. Create harmonious color palettes based on your own choice of NCS 1950 standard colors and export them to your design program.

Photo: Ricardo Gomez

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