Welcome to visit We aRe SpinDye® the 8-9th of November 2017

Performance Days is the functional fabric fair for sourcing of high performance functional fabrics and accessories. Performance Days shows the latest trends in fabric development for the functional textile industry. Being the only exhibition to link seasonal sourcing schedules the fair offers visitors everything from textiles, to yarns, finishes and accessories.

We have two open workshops:

Workshop room:                               R09 (2nd floor)

Maximum capacity:                          20 participants
Workshop fee:                                   free admission – only pre booked
Email your application form to:        [email protected]

We are SpinDye’s color system has 1,950 available standard colors, and all of them has its exact and logic position in our color space.

And every color within our color space has its own precise recipe. This guarantees the blending of the color pigment to be precise and perfect – every time – every batch.

When you work with colored yarn, you can use the same yarn for weaving or knitting different fabrics of your choice. This means that you have a real control of the end results.

Color consistency problems are now obsolete. With We aRe SpinDye®, you can be certain that your choice of color remains consistent regardless of different textiles – every time – every batch.

It is the most rational way to simplify working with color, eliminating all guesswork. And on top of that it is the most sustainable way to color man made fabrics.

Please pre book your meeting with us, send you inquires to: [email protected]